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5 ways to design your new logo

Logo design tips and tricks

Whether you're starting a new business or doing a rebranding, there will come a time in the lifespan of your company that you will need a new logo. A logo indentifies your brand and gives your company a professional image. The look and feel of your logo and the brand guidelines determine the look and feel of all your visual communication. 

Important questions to ask yourself when designing a new logo

Where do you start with the design of your new logo? First of all, it can be a good idea to ask yourself these questions before taking the next step.

7 reasons to use a (free) CRM like Hubspot

Use CRM Hubspot customer data marketing automation

If you have a blooming business, chances are you also have many contacts. Clients that send e-mails, prospects filling in website forms or sales conversations that need following up. Are you still using Excel to manage your contacts? Or are you having trouble to keep track of everything that's happening in your marketing, sales and support flows? Then a nice and decent CRM - or Customer Relationship Management - can be the solution for you.

Make your email campaigns GDPR proof

GDPR proof email marketing

It's a difficult situation for many Mailchimp users, because the email platform does not comply with European GDPR regulations. The regulation states that personal data may only be stored on servers that are physically located in Europe. And that is not the case for Mailchimp, which means that - if you use Mailchimp - you may be in violation. Fortunately, there is a solution!

Manage Your Email List Like a Pro: 5 Tips!

Email list pro tips

What do you prefer? Do you want to work in a team of 30 unmotivated employees or with just five colleagues who radiate enthusiasm from start to finish? If you ask us, we would prefer the latter.

When it comes to email lists, our focus is often on quantity, not quality. It's certainly a good thing to see more people on your list, but not when your email performance and results are taking a toll because half the subscribers are inactive.

Achieve long-term email success with managing a good email list

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